Sponsor Spotlight

WiDS Sponsor Spotlight – Seaspan

This week, we hear from Amy MacLeod, VP Corporate Affairs at Seaspan Shipyards. discussing why every conversation, every action, every opportunity, hiring decision and promotion matters.

"The opportunities for women and the ability to drive real and lasting change has never been greater. However, the pandemic has shown us we can’t take that progress for granted – it’s fragile – and there is still a lot of work to do. Every conversation, every action, every opportunity, hiring decision and promotion matters. We need to keep our foot on the gas.

- Amy MacLeod

1. What does being a sponsor of WiDS mean to our organization?
WiDs is a national voice and subject matter expert on the issues facing women in our industry. We count on them to provide critical information, leadership, and advocacy we can tap into as we work to make changes and remove obstacles for women in our own company.

2. Why is it important to support/promote the advancement of women in careers in the defence and security industry?
Parking equality just for moment – which of course should be but is still not a given – the data is irrefutable. Organizations that are gender diverse across all levels of rank and seniority, perform better. It is that black and white. We need to reframe the question. Why wouldn’t an industry, company or organization go out of the way to attract, train and recruit 50% of the available labour market? The successful ones will.

3. What role do organizations like ours play in breaking down the barriers and cultivating an inclusive and diverse culture?
Like many companies, Seaspan is working hard to understand the issues and obstacles that are in the way of equity and advancement of women in our organization, industry and communities. Awareness and understanding are critical to driving change and progress.

4. As a leader, what is some advice you would give to women entering this industry?
Some of the things I wish my younger self knew and had the confidence to trust: Get out of your own way. Don’t look or wait for perfection – get comfortable with the unknown and with risk-taking. Don’t be afraid of failing – it’s where you grow the most and you can’t have success without it. Trust your gut – recognize it as form of self-advice and that there is no one who knows what’s best for you better than you.