WiDS Executive Champions

WiDS is truly a community and it takes our collective effort to drive meaningful change. That’s why we’re grateful to have the tremendous support of our Executive Champions Network.

The WiDS Executive Champions Network is a group of appointed senior leadership from both private and public sector organizations who actively and regularly invest time and financial resources in support of our objectives. This network also facilitates the participation of their respective organizations in WiDS activities.

Leaders who actively drive positive change.

Our Champions
  • Help create awareness of WiDS
  • Are passionate about advancing diversity and inclusion
  • Promote WiDS events to help ensure high and meaningful attendance
  • Participate in and/or sponsor WiDS events if/when it makes sense
  • Provide thoughts and advice to WiDS regarding our programs as they evolve
  • Hold their positions for 3 year terms

Thank you to our generous sponsors

Patron Sponsor
Parent Organization and Strategic Partner