WiDS Scholarship &
WiDS + CGAI Fellowship


Established in 2006, the WiDS Scholarship fund awards up to $10,000 annually to outstanding women who are pursuing careers related to Canada’s defence and security.

WiDS also partners with the Canadian Global Affairs Institute (CGAI) to offer the annual WiDS & CGAI Fellowship. Recipients receive mentorship, work and research/analysis opportunities with CGAI, as well as access to CGAI publications and resources.

"Beyond financial support, the enormous and diverse WiDS network has been extremely supportive and welcoming to me, and I feel I have a strong network of support behind me. "

– Tanya Bandula-Irwin, 2022 WiDS Scholarship Recipient

Hannah Christensen
Program Manager
NATO Field School, Simon Fraser University
Afton David
Legal Counsel
Thales Canada Inc.
Kelsey Hart
Restorative Practitioner

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